Kalinin Boris Alexeevich

Master of figure correction, born on November 14, 1994. Russian, married.

He was trained to correct the aesthetic deviations of lines and forms of women's constitutional soft tissues by the method of the controlling influence "Manual plastic".

Since January 2015 successfully works in the studio of his father Kalinin Alexei Borisovich.

He knows the method of manual correction of the body and plastic art, developed on the basis of the rich practical experience of A. Kalinin. B. Kalinin uses his author's solutions, which let him treat the particularly complex areas of the body.

Kalinin Boris Alexeevich graduated with merit from the Moscow "Medical College № 1" of the Department of health on a speciality "Medical business" and the qualification "Medical Assistant".

He also has a diploma of the Institute of national health where he completed a full course of additional professional education in the following areas:

  1. Classical massage:

    • sanative;

    • medical.

  2. Chinese acupressure.

  3. Su-Jock therapy.

He was taught by the doctor of pedagogical Sciences Professor Fokin V. N.

He served in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. He follows a healthy lifestyle and enjoys martial arts from early childhood.

Boris had a great desire to comprehend the art of manual body correction after graduating from high school. The method of "Hand plastic" interested him while watching the work of his father. He believes that the correlation between figure beauty and health is the basis of youth and high-quality life. That is why he began his journey with medicine and the world of massage. He is sure that this method makes it possible for many women to acquire the figure and beauty that they have been dreaming of.

Today Boris Kalinin has rich practical experience and excellent results in hard physical and creative work of figure correction. As a master, having learnt the peculiarities of hand plastics, he is gaining popularity among the clients of the Studio "Newbodyka".

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