Kalinin Alexey Borisovich

Master of figure correction, born in Moscow on August 10, 1972. Russian, married, has three children.

The idea of this way to correct the aesthetic deviations of lines and forms of the female figure by the method of controlled action interested by its exclusive opportunity to create a "new body" only by hands. That means obtaining a specific, obvious and stable aesthetic result without surgery (without devices, anti-cellulite cosmetics and injections).

He has a secondary medical education and a higher technical education. Graduated from the Moscow medical school, courses of classical massage by V. N. Fokin and V.I. Vasichkin. He has an extensive practical experience in massage. He had a private practice of massage since 2006, worked in such Center of beauty as "Cleo-Time", and "Smile", in the SPA-salon "Wild" within the fitness centre "Wildfitness".

I had been working at the centre "Manual plastic" From April 2011 to December 2013. Perfectly mastered the method of correction of constitutional subcutaneous soft tissues trough controlled actions.

From December 2013 to the present time has been working on his own in the field of figure Manual plastic.

Knows the method of manual correction of the body and plastic art. While gaining rich practical experience, Alexey developed his own author's solutions, which make it possible to treat especially complex areas of the body.

He receive patients in his own Studio, where he practices his method and teaches his student.

Currently, he passes the art of mastering figures to his son Boris Kalinin.

The correction of the female figure using the described method makes it possible to apply an individual approach to each aesthetic problem. That is why it's not a routine work, it is diverse and interesting, and the final obvious result from hard physical work gives joy to the master as he is the Creator of such beauty.

Many women dream of an ideal figure and put a lot of effort for this, but often when they reach the ideal weight still can not get rid of excess fat formations in the saddlebags – the so-called love handles. They try everything: sports, diet, injections, hardware cosmetology. As a result, many women have lost hope to acquire slim, balanced figures. But there is a solution!

The master of manual plastic Alexey Kalinin offers you the most effective in the world method to correct the figure. Manual plastic is based on a method of the controlled inflammation of fibrotic-fatty tissue. This method will help you to smooth the proportions and shapes, remove excess weight and get rid of cellulite.

Manual plastic is a reliable way to remove the aesthetic handicaps of the female figure.

The experience accumulated during over 20 years of practice in this field gives the result that exceeds the effect of liposuction and surgery in terms of excess pounds, aesthetics of lines, quality of the skin.

Manual plastic is the only harmless way to correct the body radically.

Manual plastic is an effective and safe correction of the figure.

Here in Newbodyka you will be able to remove the saddlebags on the tights with the most reliable way Manual plastic, which gives the result for the rest of your life. Moreover, the areas treated in such a way will acquire a smooth and taut surface.

The only way to remove saddlebags thighs on the thighs is to use such method of correction as "Manual plastic" in Newbodyka.

Manual plastic is the only safe and most effective way to correct the body, allowing to correct the lines, proportions and shapes of the female figure.

This method allows you to remove the saddlebags on the thighs and other figure handicaps, which are not the result of excess weight.

With the help of Hand plastics, you can completely remove fat tissue of constitutional origin and eliminate any figure handicaps. The result after treatments will stay with you for years. All lines will remain even if you gain some weight after it.

Correction of the figure by Hand plastic will help to remove excess amount of fibrous adipose tissue. This makes it possible to have a perfect figure without sport, diets, cosmetology and surgery.

Manual plastic will allow you to remove safely and without consequences the saddlebags on the tights and achieve the figure of your dream.