F. A. Q.

How long should I wait for the first results after the treatment?

In general deep painful dense lumps disappear and as a result, the complete recovery comes 4-6 weeks after treatment.

Should I keep a diet or change my lifestyle to save the results?

Nutrition and lifestyle do not affect the result of our method. Your body proportions remain, no matter will you put on or lose weight after it.

How long does the result stay after treatment?

The result stays forever. We work with formative adipose tissue which is responsible for body lines, that's why we change the individual figure.

Will this method smooth the skin and remove cellulite?

Definitely, yes. While treatment, the subcutaneous indurated tissue becomes flexible and the skin surface completely smooth.

Why are there age restrictions?

Age-related changes affect the state of health after treatment, the healing process takes more time, and the result appears later.

Are the treatments good for your health?

We can tell you a lot about the benefits of our treatment for your body. Your well-being is improving, you have more energy, feel light, the way how you walk changes, no more leg swelling, cold-related diseases and so on. The lymphatic system gets relieved from fibrous formations, the lymph flow starts to circulate better. In addition to upright posture, back treatment prevents headaches, reduces meteosensitivity, and stop back pain.

"Beauty is the absence of anything extra!"

Women are often unsatisfied with their body. Strict diets and workouts help to lose weight but do not lead to the well-balanced figure.
There are some areas that cannot be changed through diets and sport.
But there is a solution! It turns out that it's possible to change the lines and shapes of the female figure and redistribute adipose tissue with the help of a unique method of manual correction. Newbodyka figure correction Studio, where amazing masters Alexey Kalinin and Boris Kalinin work, allows girls to harmonize the figure, get rid of problem areas and achieve an ideal body!

- Please tell us more about your unique methods of nonsurgical body contouring and liposuction?

- The technique is designed for girls who don't have too much excess weight. It allows you to change the body proportions. As a result, a person gains perfect shape and thus looks more slender and trim. The main types of figures that need correction - "pear" - when a thin girl has fleshy legs, "apple" - when the fat is located in the waist and sides, inverted triangle-when fat is mostly in the back and sides. Master transforms these figures to the classic ideal of a female beauty-the hourglass figure.

- What rules should I follow to make the treatment effective?

- The condition of the method is stable weight. After treatment, the weight in problem areas decreases and changes in the body lines appear. It is a good solution for girls who are experiencing depression due to the imbalance in the figure. After processing, the amount of fat in the problem areas is reduced and the figure looks more toned and slim.
What is also important, there shouldn't be any hormonal surges, leading to increase in adipose tissue hormonal. The first hormonal shift occurs at the age of 14 or so, then the girl's figure acquires hereditary forms through the female line. Hormonal shifts also happen during pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding. The next hormonal changes occur when the woman is about 50 years old. The endocrine profile changes while hormonotherapy and taking hormonal drugs.

- Which zone is better to start the correction from?

- 90% of women come to us with such problems as saddlebags and love handles. After treating these zones, the figure becomes much more balanced, legs seem longer, buttocks look more bouncy. This result remains for the rest of life. The girls see a great result, get great aesthetic enjoyment and come back to us correct some other areas.

- What happens to cellulite in the treatment zone?

- In the place of treatment, the skin becomes absolutely smooth, cellulite disappears. There is a great difference between our method and traditional salon techniques in dealing with this unpleasant problem.

- Is it possible to correct age-related changes using your method?

- All people know that youth can be characterised through such features as: a flexible, slim waist, a smooth transition from the waist to the thighs. As a woman gets older, the waist area becomes heavier, back becomes bloated, buttocks sag, the skin of the hands loses flexibility - all these age-related changes can be corrected with the help of our treatments and bring the figure to a state of younger age. Many of our clients say how grateful they are: "Thank you a lot, even in my youth I did not have such a figure and such slender legs, finally I can wear shorts." Our masters are perfectionists. They are always worried about the result, even more than the girls themselves.

- What are the first steps to start the treatment?

- Before going through the treatment every girl completes a questionnaire survey The questions in the questionnaire are chosen so as to identify the motivation of the girl, to learn all about her past health problems and chronic diseases, aesthetic plastic surgery, to identify possible contraindications. All the contraindications for our method are described on our website. They are almost the same as for the classic massage. We work only with healthy people in the aesthetic field, health issues are not covered by us. After the survey, we make a photo of the patient from behind. For many girls, it becomes a revelation, how they look from this angle. The master conducts a detailed individual consultation, explains what and where he can improve and what excesses can be removed. The correction plan includes the cost and number of treatments interspaced in time. The final decision about the treatment plan is made by the patient herself. For girls it is very convenient that we have a fix price system, the processing price doesn't change for the entire period of therapy. On the day of treatment, patients are given single-use underwear, the specialist marks the area. One area is processed at a time, it takes about 3 hours. The treatment is done with the phalanges of the fingers, only manual with natural olive oil. It should be noted that this process is very time-consuming and requires a lot of physical effort from the master. Therefore a master can take only two clients per day. While making the correction, the master treats the problem area with soft translational movements, feels all the irregularities of the skin, fibrous tissue and smoothes these imperfections. Master's hand can be compared to x-ray. The treatment continues until the fatty fibrous tissue softens and"flows". Then the master forms a new beautiful line of the body. At the same time, the master constantly asks the patient about her state. In the place of treatment, there is a controlled inflammation of the adipose - fibrous tissue, redness of the tissue - erythema (reaction of adipose tissue to inflammation), which disappears completely in 5-7 days. The lines take final shape after 4 weeks, and then you will see an impressive result. It stays for the rest of life. Each session of treatments is self-sufficient and has a finished look. Girls should wait and let the swelling to undergo through all the stages: to fill, to occur, to disappear. No procedures can be done during this period of time. At this time, a large number of released toxins from the problem area comes to the blood, but there is nothing to worry about. They are excreted naturally, so it is recommended to drink a lot of water.

- What is the advantage of your method over surgical liposuction?

- Our advantage is that the method is absolutely safe and natural. Processing is completely manual, which allows you to control the aesthetic line. It helps to avoid the occurrence of irregularities. Many girls come to us after surgical liposuction. Hardware processing leads to the skin irregularities, dents and bumps. Our masters successfully cope with this problem.

- What is the advantage of your studio?

- There are no wage and salary workers in our Studio. The art of this method of treatment is passed from father to son. Now we have 2 masters: Alexey and his son Boris, another son is going to learn this art now. This is a family studio, so the masters take work personally and care about the high-quality result. We often make various promotions and discounts in the studio. You can follow them on our website: www.newbodyka.ru

Interviewed Lantsova Svetlana.
Glossy magazine about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and health "Actual way of life", 2018. - p. 44 - 45