Image processing

Exclusive image manual plastic of the body NEWBODYKA is a figure to order, without zone restrictions.

Image processing is the most profitable way to adjust the whole figure and achieve maximum results for less money and time

Image processing NEWBODYKA is the elimination of obvious shortcomings of the body shape, local defects, the correction of the imbalances, regardless of the figure type, constitution, weight, age, i.e., the plastic modification of the body.

Image processing is carried out both in ordinary and in particularly difficult cases, where a special skill and experience of the master is required, which allows you to create a new figure and make the distribution of tissues aesthetic and beautiful.

The advantage of NEWBODYKA image correction:

  1. No zone restrictions.
  2. Work with the whole body. Work with non-standard type of figures of any complexity.
  3. Saving money. One session improves multiple zones at once.
  4. It saves time.
  5. There are no restrictions on the figure type.
  6. The permissible age of the client is 19 years and older, without restrictions.
  7. There are no restrictions on the figure parameters.
  8. The weight of the client is considered individually.
  9. The creating of a completely new figure with new lines and proportions that were not genetically laid.

Our possibilities are limited only by your wishes.