About the methods

NEWBODYKA is more than Manual plastic!

NEWBODYKA is a natural way to correct aesthetic shortcomings of a woman's figure WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS on parameters, type of figure, constitution and age.

The opportunities of NEWBODYKA starts when other methods seem powerless.

Correction is carried out by hands without the use of additional devices, drugs.

This method covers the correction of all parts of the body, regardless of the сonstitution, even after liposuction.

In the process of treatment, additional zones are captured, in consequence of which the result after healing exceeds all expectations. A completely new, smooth body line is formed and active shrinkage of weight takes place.

NEWBODYKA processing method is self-sufficient and not traumatic. This method of correction is not a drug-induced and does not cause any harm to health. On the contrary, it improves the quality of the skin, there is a local shrinkage of volumes, lymph metabolism in tissues become balanced, the line and shape of the treated surface improve, etc.

NEWBODYKA is a unique method of removing hormonal and caloric fat from such areas as the lateral surface of the thigh saddlebags, round hips, sides (flanks), abdomen, buttocks, knees, shins, hands, waist, back, etc., with a life-long result. We offer a real way to make your figure perfect without exhausting workouts and diets. Hormonal fat is not involved body processes and is located in the form of stagnant fat "dams". Getting rid of it, we get rid of lymphatic stagnation in the body, thereby revealing energy flows, purify from toxins and accelerate metabolism. With the normal weight of our customers, we create perfectly smooth and beautiful body lines, keeping the results for you forever!

Unlike the other ways, NEWBODYKA method removes not only the second type of adipose tissue (fibrous, constitutional) but also contributes to the removal of conventional high-calorie fat.

Treatment by this method affect the fat cells of any type at a normal weight of the client.

The session is held once a week.

Each treatment lasts about three hours

After the session, erythema and oedema often appear on the treated area.

The appearance of "erythema" (redness in the treatment area) happens due to inflammation of fat, subcutaneous tissue. The skin is not injured. The"erythema" stays for about a week, sometimes it takes two or three days.

There is also swelling. The treated area increases in volume due to the presence of lymphatic fluid. The swelling begins to decrease 5-7 days after treatment.

The complete tissue healing comes after 4-6 weeks.

Edema and "erythema" are the purpose of treatment and one of the steps to achieve a good result.

Unlike other similar methods, the NEWBODYKA treatment session is held in single-use underwear, which allows the client to feel confident.

It is forbidden to:

  • accelerate the removal of edema by artificial means;
  • perform heavy physical work during the first week;
  • cool the treated area, apply ice;
  • It is not recommended to wear tight and squeezing clothes until the swelling subsides.

It is allowed:

  • drink more liquid after treatment and the next day for the organization of edema;
  • moderately move, do not lie in bed foк the whole day;
  • take a warm shower and bath.